Rise of The Reapers

by Tombstone da Deadman

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I want to thank Ayieta Crawford, Marisa Holladay, Greydon Square, Napalm Hyru, Clifton Scott, Marlin Peace, Antonio Mann, Shaka Pitts, Lord Entropy, Grey the Last Extropian and all of the fans in the #Guniverse.

To all those Reapers who've been supportive with your contributions of talents and skills, my many thanks and gratitude is yours. From the ill drawings, the undying efforts to promote Reaper Nation music and endeavors, to the personal notes and thoughts you share with me, you are a great part of my motivation and so too a piece of you is in this project. I encourage you to ascend to your aspirations, never stop working on your craft, and always follow your dreams. Together we shall reap all that we sow.


released July 21, 2014

Beats produced by Zpu Zilla, Life and Death Productions, Anno Domini Beats, Vherbal Beats, Baghira Beats




Tombstone da Deadman Baltimore, Maryland

Raised in Edmondson Village on the west side of Baltimore, Maryland, Tombstone’s style is heavily influenced by pioneering hip hop legends like Rakim, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy.

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Track Name: Ruthless Aggression
my gravity.. has more intensity.. than the black hole at the center of the milky way galaxy
you claiming you’re better is a just a fallacy contrived from a mind that is way too much absorbed inside of fantasy

you science illiterates have never considered it..picture this imagine if I’m type 4 why would I give a shit

about you... I doubt you...are ever allowed to..clown who...never me cause what I do astounds crews
and confounds dudes..cause you no nothings be bluffing on the beat routinely
in my opinion it’s rather obscene and unseemly
so I keep other rappers at a distance never let their stink on me no matter how they act persistent

you may assert that I am much too aggressive but on the contrary you're passive and just not impressive

I hammer nails inside the coffins of you douchebags so often that I really start to wonder why you fucks keep talking

I leave palm prints on the face of the illogical
and each slap explodes// grounds their egos into particles

it’s hard for you to hold coherent thoughts in manifold
cause I was told your grade point average was rather laughable

so let me break this down real slow and infiltrate your code
to reconstruct your neurotransmitters and chemicals

to discover why your mental power’s pitiful..I should have known
you’ve been exposed to the to the lies of all of those

who make a profit on pretending they prophets
and carnival clowns who act like they experts on certain topics

I’m known for sidestepping the bullshit
and punishing the pranksters... leave them scarred like the lash of a bullwhip

while you’ll spit some garbage about your night in the club
or overcompensate your cowardice pretending to thug

I’ll inject the love of knowledge using surgical gloves
inside the mind of those that lack it while creating a buzz
Track Name: Rise of the Reapers
ever since I first heard this ignorance// I’ve been determined to put an end to it
some people say I should live and let live but I think that’s such a foolish sentiment

I don’t want to be complicient//in the spread of an army of nit wits and dim drips
on the internet spreading this nonsense wrapped up in pseudo scientific shit

so it’s come to my attention///that this whole damn world needs an intervention
cause their absorbing the lies and it’s affecting their lives like a twisted type of addiction

con men have something in common they take advantage when your mind’s disarmed and
gullible raised up trained up brain sucked up into ideas that really feel comfortable

somebody’s gotta challenge that shit ...rise up and go dismantle that quick
but all I really see is cowardice coming from people who gotta know better than this

being silent is quiet compliance….giving free rein to the stupid alliance
and when you do that you aren’t any better than the rest of them
I’m not impressed with them

so I’m raising up a nation of reapers….killing that dumb shit that comes with deceivers
and we must kick dust...rip up...slice through..anything they throw at us trying to defeat us

it’s death and rigor mortis all day…..piling up bodies till they rot and decay
and we stay reaping till their bones just dry to dust and the wind just blows them away


How long do we wait till we rise
Under the weight of those statements of lies
cause everyday they be crossing the line
and you don’t do shit so they thinking it’s fine

well I’m thinking that now is the time
wear the hood...grab a scythe...form a line

pale horse is the way that we ride// just wait till they see us
Rise of the Reapers

so what...I’m supposed to be hyped and amused
at all of the fuckery that i watch on the news

and the stories they will twist so we’re slightly confused
and never really know what’s the lie we consumed

minds that were fertile get placed into tombs
murdered by the culprit that’s in living rooms

victims are the ones not critically attuned
they assume that it’s true cause it’s there on the tube

it’s high time somebody go step to that
expose all of them lies and drown the rats

beat em over the head with nothing but facts
stacks of tracks with stats makes their brains splat

I don't really want to hear your bias
interview designed to make leaders look pious

knowing all the while your goal’s to deny us
knowledge of the plan cause you’re just paid liars

think about it cause it really makes sense
easier to rule with a dumb populace

watch them get pissed till they shout and they scream
at some nonsense created by the outrage machine

it’d be funny if it weren’t so obscene
get them riled up till their heads full of steam

clouding everything with their posts and their memes
so you really can’t understand a god damn thing

face the truth cause for real at best you're screwed
stop watching out your window and vesta views

while the world gets duped and more confused
that attitude gonna be the death of you

choose now if you’re going to be effective
or let the con men come shape your perspective

wait on your knees till messiahs are elected
or be a real force that’s feared and respected
Track Name: War For the Minds
They say that i’m the bad guy always bashing what the masses love
the truth is that they blind and they can’t see I had enough

maybe I should leave before this anger has me smashing stuff
but before I go it’s time to settle things and pack it up

has it ever crossed your mind why atheists were hard to find
but now you hear them all the time and they’re feeling no need to hide

it’s cause some of us have decided that humans are divided
by too many concepts that the charlatans will use to lie with

politics and patriotism mixed with religion....
combustible mixture when added together blows quicker

we have witnessed the results of dogmatic divine edicts
we were forced to sit in silence you serve it and we eat it

and while we were complacent your shit have become invasive
like attacking reproductive rights and your hatred of gays and

like the bully in the schoolyard// he only goes as far as we let him
until we get pissed and we deck him

Your racism looks really stupid from orbit
and in fact we’re at the point as a species we can’t afford it

arguing about which hominid is the most prominent
is one of the most ridiculous things that I have a problem with

you seem kind of confused but don’t worry I’m here to help you out
it turns out we all kind of suck now shut your fucking mouth

a bunch of chimps that got a chip on their shoulder just need to grow up
or I doubt we get a millennium older

what will rise up from the smolder to replace us placeholders
hopefully will be much smarter than us maybe the roaches

get this straight the color of the your face is no reason to hate
your xenophobic tendencies typically overstate

all our meaningless differences now picture this if we all self identified as human
what would the demagogues do than

who even really knows......they’d probably find some other reason to keep us bleeding
that’s just the way that shit goes
Track Name: All Fall Down
I’m a box cutter...verbal hot knife through warm butter
say what I want to say to your face and I will not stutter

wasn’t raised like you fucker... fear just makes your heart flutter
bet you hid behind the aprons strings of both your grandmothers

soft brothers growing up the fluffy way stayed on the porch
never had to go to war you never had to hold a torch

you should not mistake the songs I make bout being rational
to think somehow that’s stopping me from running up and smacking you

no I don’t believe that little front you’re always putting up
plus I don’t believe that past you stunt because you’re baby butt

Can you find one witness to confirm your former gangster status
A criminal record...a pistol that you ever blasted

i rip through plastic bastards used to give them muzzle flashes
watch what you say cause when I see you then it’s boots to asses

nobody’s laughing best prepare yourself for warfare
Your punk ass bluffing only busting shots up in the air


I think its about time I made a few things clear
Cause I'm tired of all the buzzing i be hearing in my ear

Don't give a fuck about your feelings or the ones you hold dear
If you push me I'm a redefine whatever yall fear

Not the one for you to sleep on
Plot on or creep on

I will show up at your crib// that's me knocking so be warned

Don't make me turn this shit up cause all yall clowns
Same way you fucking step up you can fall down

2nd verse
a lot of these cats is pompous asses
for no reason writing checks that their ass can’t cash in

so I’m determined that I’ll never ever help a chump out
because you never can be sure what’s coming out a chump’s mouth

I built my own shit...with the help of only a chosen few
grab opportunities cause that’s what I’m supposed to do

imagine my surprise to have to hear these punks whine
I’m over 20 years older than them but still in my prime

so what the fucks the deal….no commitment this shit just can’t be real
if I believed in karma i would say they fate was sealed

all about my business my children can be my witness
I’m grinding to make it happen not dealing with fucking nit wits

and none of that fucking simple shit that they could ever say
could measure up to all the work i put in ev-e-ry day

So when I see that disrespectful shit I'm parting your wig
A grown man got no time to play with nobody’s kids